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2019 – 2020 School Season

Lighthouse Community Church Campus

2019 – 2020
Course 1 How to Understand & Interpret the Bible (Hermeneutics I) TBD 2019 Learning the principles, art and science of Biblical interpretation is essential for every serious believer.  Students will learn to interpret and apply their new skills.
Course 2 How to Understand, Interpret & Teach the Bible (Hermeneutics II) TBD 2019 Students will continue developing their Bible interpretation skills and learn how to apply them to Bible teaching.
Course 3 Authentic Church & Spiritual Reproduction TBD 2019 Students will study the book of Acts, the earliest record of Church history and uncover the characteristics of an Authentic Church. Simultaneously students will read Greg Ogden’s “Transforming Discipleship” for Spiritual Reproduction.
Course 4 The Story & Stages of the Bible (Old Testament I) TBD 2020 Using Genesis 1-11 as a foundation, students will learn to navigate and interpret the Bible as one conneted divinely inspired narrative.  You will never read the Bible the same again.
Course 5 Chronology of Events in OT
(Old Testament II)
TBD 2020 Students will be guided chronologically through the stages and events of the OT
Course 6 New Testament Gospels TBD 2020 This course is an eye-opening exposure to the divinely inspired perspectives of the 4 gospels. i.e. Students will se the remarkable connection of John’s gospel to the book of Revelation.
Course 7 New Testament Letters on Leadership & Conduct TBD 2020 Studying 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus students will uncover God’s order in the Church, qualifications of leaders and their responsibilities.  We’ll explore difficult issues such as the ordination of women and church discipline.
Course 8 New Testament General Letters TBD 2020 Romans, Ephesians and Corinthians are among the richest letters in the NT. Student sill dive into vital doctine and instruction that govern the church today.
Course 9 Major Bible Doctrines (Beliefs) Jan 10, 17, 24, 31
Feb 7
Essential to the faith is a solid understanding of nine essential doctrines from the Bible.  Is the Bible truly the inspired Word of God?  How do we know Jesus is God?  Who or What is the Holy Spirit?
Course 10 Church History & Spiritual Warfare Feb 21, 28
Mar 7, 14
From the early Church to present is a remarkable and sometimes shocking history that will inspire, equit and encourage students at every level.  Students will also get Biblical insights into spiritual warfare.
Course 11 Apologetics March 28
April 4, 11
This course equips students with the ability to defend their faith and provide answers to the worlds most pressing questions.
Graduation Ceremony April 28, 2019